2013 Trail Ride

16th Annual KTFMC Trail Ride

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

September 29, 2013 – For the fourth consecutive year the KTFMC Trail Ride was held at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, just north of Harrodsburg, KY.  Although the cloudy Sunday IMG_0039morning threatened rain (that never materialized), thirty riders braved the weather, packed their tack, loaded their horses and came to enjoy the natural beauty of the Central Kentucky landmark.

Shortly after noon, the mounted riders gathered together to be welcomed by KTFMC Trail Ride committee members Gus Koch and Kristen Goncharoff who introduced David Parrish.  Mr. Parrish works several days a week throughout the summer as a guide on horseback for groups visiting Shaker Village.

Before departing, David gave a brief history and overview of Shaker Village and the Shakers.  The Shakers began to migrate south in the early 1800s and settled along the Kentucky River palisades at Pleasant Hill.  By the mid-19th century, the Shaker community at Pleasant Hill had grown to almost 600 people and close to 3,000 acres!  Parrish reminded the group that the Shakers are well known for their resourcefulness and self-sufficiency.

After the history refresher, the riders departed from the stable area and headed towards the village.  Riding around the outskirts of the historic town, the group got a taste of the Shaker IMG_0015architecture, riding past what was once the largest building in the state of Kentucky.  The riders headed north out of the village, through the meadow and down the Tanyard Trail to the Shawnee Run Creek.  From there it was a short, albeit rocky and steep climb through the woods back up to the rear of the stable parking lot.

As always, the trail riders represented a wide range of horses and riders.  James Keogh’s mount was perhaps the richest horse on the grounds that day.  His mount, a six year old son of Tapit, Tempted to Tapit, was enjoying his second career after being graded stakes placed and earning over $230,000 on the racetrack.  Other horses varied from Rimrock – a fifteen year old quarter horse – to Dabu, a tall grey Tennessee walker – to draft horse mixes and warmblood crosses.

After two and a half hours in the saddle, all the riders were anxious to enjoy the delicious picnic lunch provided by Shaker Village.  The sandwiches, potato saladand brownies didn’t last long though, it turns out that thirty riders can work up quite an appetite after an afternoon in the saddle!

For $10, riders can purchase a daily trail pass to enjoy Shaker Village’s 33 miles of horseback trails and 15 miles of carriage trails throughout its 3000 acres.  Overnight stalls and paddocks are also available for an additional fee and reservations are required.

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