2014 Trail Ride

17th Annual Donald L. Snellings  KTFMC Trail Ride
Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

By Gus Koch

September 28, 2014 – In honor of longtime KTFMC supporter and trail ride mastermind Donald L. Snellings, the Board unanimously voted to rename the annual event the “Donald L. Snellings KTFMC Trail Ride.”  Mr. Snellings passed away on September 18th, and left behind a legacy within the horse community and the KTFMC.  One of his many important contributions to this club was his involvement in the development of an annual trail ride.  For the seventeenth year, club members and friends have gathered to spend an afternoon on horseback; sharing stories and exploring some of Kentucky’s finest scenic sites of the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.

At noon, 42 riders mounted their charges at the Shaker Village stable and fell in line behind Shaker Village’s livestock manager Dave Parris and Don Snellings’ daughter-in-law Elizabeth to ride Mr. Snellings’ favorite trail.  Leaving the West Lot on the Chinquapin trail and then connecting to Shawnee Run, the trails offered something for all riders.  Starting on a wide path into the woods the trail began to narrow as the group slowly trekked down to the Shawnee Run Creek.  The trail then climbed, somewhat steep and rocky at times, back to an open field that provided a one of a kind view of the Shaker Town village and surrounding farmland.

After two and a half hours, the horses seemed happy to get back on the West Lot trail and lope back towards the crowded stable parking lot with its cold water and stocked hay nets.  Riders were then treated to a delicious picnic lunch provided by Shaker Village before loading their horses and saying their goodbyes until the next sale, race meet, or KTFMC meeting.

For $10, individual riders can enjoy the 33 miles of trails at Shaker Village.  Overnight stalls and paddocks are available through reservations.